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You Are Either Giving Value or Taking Value in Every Moment

You Are Either Giving Value or Taking Value in Every Moment


I don’t want to over simplify this but honestly this is the case. In business we say that there are certain “money making activities”. Well really, in life in general there are certain “value creating activities”.

Whoever gives the most value wins.

Value. Win.

Remember that.

Now this doesn’t mean you will be happy, but you will feel accomplished. This is no different than the producer vs consumer paradigm. You are always either producing or consuming something. Whether that consumption is food, tv shows, youtube videos, etc. Here’s a list of value creating activities (activities that will allow you to give more value to your tribe and the world at large) and value destroying activities.  We all do the latter, so don’t freak out next time you watch a movie as there can also be positive messages in some of the consumption. this list should help you identify the difference between the two and help you be give more value.

Value Creating Activities & The Why (Healthy Producing)

  • Reading or listening to books that can give you more knowledge so you can give people the correct advise when needed and help people through tough times.
  • Exercise so you can be strong and protect your tribe. This will also increase your sex life and overall attractiveness to mates.
  • Meditating so you can be centered and focused while everyone else is over stimulated.
  • Taking action in various areas of your life so you can get first hand experience which is by far the best way to learn.
  • Creating and Publishing any type of content that can help people (audio, video, text, etc). This is not only a great release but has the power to really attract the right people to you and build something powerful.
  • Making new friends that are unique and can have a special place in your life. If your life were a movie it would be boring if you were the only character. Your friends should be wide ranging and not destructive to your well being. A good supportive social circle is more powerful than any pill you could take.
  • Self reflection and correction to take a look at your life in a non judgmental way and change things that really aren’t working in your favor.
  • Having role models to look up to so you can always know what you want is possible.
  • Sex, the ultimate act of any producer. It makes a baby folks. Think this one through.

Value Destroying Activities & The Why (Unhealthy Consuming)

  • Watching any movie or tv show because it is someone else’s story and not your own. A numbing a effect occurs. Does not include documentaries.
  • Taking in useless information that only exist to waste your time (news, pointless youtube videos, some reddit threads, websites, most fiction books).
  • Eating any kind of processed food or sugary drinks consistently destroy your body slowly which makes you less capable to do give value to the world around you.
  • Smoking, as it deteriorates your body which ruins your life – literally.
  • Alcohol, as it deteriorates your brain and makes it less capable, especially in the long term.
  • Any non-natural drugs (prescription drugs) will destroy your life. Sometimes they are necessary but it’s best to not get addicted as they will life altering effects on your neurology.
  • Using social media for the wrong reasons can cause such a distraction that it will actually ruin your relationships, not enrich them. The most important thing is the people around you in the moment right now, not on a screen. Use with caution.
  • Playing any fictional game on any devise that does not add to your actual life.
  • Watching porn consistently (daily) destroys your dopamine receptors and could lead to enormous problems for both sexes, but particularly males.
  • Buying stuff you actually do not need as it burns a hole through your wallet which makes you less likely to buy actual stuff you may need in the future.

Is it possible to use “Value Destroying Activities” to gain a Creative Edge?

Isn’t “value destroying activities” a bit harsh? Listen, i watch some great shows on TV and have seen some great movies. I love Inception so much i watched it 3 times in theaters. What the hell is my problem?!?

Every once in a while, these activities can help you create value and help you find comfort. But if you do any of them consistently they will kill you mentally and sometimes lead to death. Some people use substances like alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, etc. to temporarily gain a creative or mental edge. This is fine unless you are over doing it. You should be able to live day to day without any of this bullshit, but it won’t kill you if you do it in moderation.

Do you watch TV every day? Shitty content on the internet daily? Yes, it does have an effect on you. However small, it is still poison if you unhealthily consume anything, be it bad food or the news.

In every moment you are either creating your own story or living in someone else’s. 

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