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The Hardest Thing in Life to Realize

The Hardest Thing in Life to Realize

Everything is temporary. If you didn’t already know, I’m sorry you had to find this out from me.

Your money, your career, your wife, your relationships will all end. How they end is irrelevant. How long they last is irrelevant.

You are going to die. Everything you love will eventually end.


Just chill out and go along with the ride. This is it.

This isn’t some bullshit, it’s your life. What is your purpose for being here?

Are you loving each moment like it’s the last? Because it is. You are not getting this moment back, the people in it or the scenery around you.

Keep giving your gifts (your purpose) as passionately as you can. Even if the world or whoever doesn’t receive them. Keep giving.

Constant change. It’s not depressing, it’s been going on since the beginning of time. The hardest thing in life to realize is that everything in life is temporary.



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