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Emotion In Advertisements – Why It Matters

Emotion In Advertisements – Why It Matters

Too often advertisers completely miss the mark when trying to develop a 30 or 60 second commercial. People will not respond to a piece of video that conveys no emotion (or very cheesy emotion). Take that car dealership commercial that numbs your mind every time you see it. How about the one with the lawyer who can get you what’s yours, or the local plumbers try-hard ad that you don’t remember until now.

These video advertisements all share one thing in common. They miss the mark. They don’t make people laugh, think, feel something and most importantly from a marketing perspective: Take Action.

Not having a big advertising budget it no excuse for this:

But yet people don’t learn their lesson and keep blowing massive amounts of money into multiple video ads when the truth is one or two powerful ones that convey emotions could really get people to take action. Do you want your business to look like a tool on TV or be a well-respected, good tool that people will pay top dollar to use?
Classic Examples of Emotion in Advertising

As you begin to watch these video ads ask yourself: What sticks out?


These are just 3 examples of many. The reason putting some sort of emotion in your advertisement matters is because no one will remember your ad if you do not. When a consumer needs your goods or services you need them to remember you. Do you have a favorite advertisement? Post it below.