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Creatures of Habit: How the iPhone App “Lift” has a Powerful Positive Effect on my Life

Creatures of Habit: How the iPhone App “Lift” has a Powerful Positive Effect on my Life

I started using Lift as soon as a buddy told me about it. I was largely turned on by the iPhone app because I already knew that our habits / rituals every single day really make us who we are. Lift allows me to put in any habit i want to do on a daily basis, lets me check in each day and also gives me a push notification to tell me how good I’ve been doing. This may sound a bit robotic, but it’s really not. This application has really changed my life. Here’s a look at what my habits are:

I could talk about a lot of things on that list but by far the one that has had the most impact is a reminder to call my Mom and Dad. For a while i was too busy to remember small, yet extremely important, things like this. Lift has made it so it’s right next to every important habit i do on a daily basis.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

I don’t put everything on Lift. For example, i don’t put “eat healthy” because that is a given. You are going to have to eat no matter what every day. I put things on here that I don’t have to do, but that if i keep doing them on a daily basis will have a powerful impact on my life. I don’t have to work out, work, call my mom / dad, read, or be social. But Lift has pushed my in the right direction and serves as a constant reminder that these habits are important to my end goals.

“Rituals are where the power is” – Tony Robbins

Working Out Should Be Like Brushing Your Teeth

Working Out Should Be Like Brushing Your Teeth

How would you feel if you didn’t brush your teeth for a day? Well that is how i feel if I don’t work out for a day.

How in the hell do I make a correlation between working out and brushing your teeth? They are both habits. They are not a must, they are habits. You do not have to brush your teeth, you do it because you want good dental health. If your like most people who strive to be healthy and feel good, you do it more than you work out.

Your Habits & Rituals Make You

Brushing your teeth is a ritual. Looking in the mirror every day, a ritual. Putting stuff in your hair, a ritual. Sex, a ritual. These things make or break you in the long term.