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Experience Vs. Possessions: A Lesson the Some People Never Learn.

Experience Vs. Possessions: A Lesson the Some People Never Learn.

In a Las Vegas bar on the strip, it’s packed. People sweating and dancing. Two piano’s directly across from another play a rendition of Creedence Clearwater’s Have You Ever Seen The Rain?. I am singing at the top of my lungs, enjoying the people around me. This was one good experience for me.


My band is playing an all night party in 8th grade, my Grandpa is gravely ill but I’m told to play anyway. The concert goes amazing and is well received. My Dad picks me up at 6 in the morning. He waited till we got to the car to tell me, my Grandpa had passed away. One great experience, one horrible experience. This is something I will never forget, as my grandpa is largely the reason I was able to play the show because he helped me pay for my guitar amp. Two things intertwined so well that it will stick in my mind forever.

Experiences Are Way More Important Than Possessions

A possession: your car, house, big screen, etc will not bring the same joy to you as an experience: traveling to the Caribbean, seeing you favorite band play, singing Karaoke, having great sex, being with a group of friends that bring an amazing vibe and so on.

This is obvious. Or is it?

We wake up and we want want want. We want new clothes, we want new cars, we want high tech gear, we demand it. But our money should be spent solely on experiences. Don’t spend money on a big screen, invest the money in actually going to the game or going to the bar with friends.

Don’t Use Possessions To Cover Up Bad Experiences

Too often we go through a bad experience like a fight with a family member or a break up and we just buy possessions to cover everything up. Why is this? It’s because possessions give us temporary self esteem. Our Ego says’s hey, this TV is now a part of me! Yea, I feel good. But it doesn’t make you feel any better. The only thing that is really a part of you is your good and bad experiences.

With the project I am working on this year I hope to have even more insight on this philosophy. Just wanted to push this out real quick before I get back on the grind.