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Don’t Be A Lame Ass Pushover: Why It’s Important to have your own Beliefs & Point of View

Don’t Be A Lame Ass Pushover: Why It’s Important to have your own Beliefs & Point of View

Have you ever felt a pulling from within to stay home while your friends are begging you to go out? Or maybe you feel like going out while your friends are all being lame? Today I am going to try to convince you to be a god damn individual and do what you want in any situation.

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It’s sad but many of us simply don’t do what we want and we fall into the social thinking around us. It’s only after we get older that we may realize, damn I should have been focusing on myself. I encourage you to be selfish in order to selflessly give to those around you.

Live a life based on your goals, not other peoples.

I know living a life based on your goals and not other peoples sounds broad and cliche, but most people aren’t living a life based on their goals. When you are suppose to be on a diet but you go to starbucks and buy their high carb drink, who’s goals are you feeding? Starbucks company revenue goal or your health goal? Damn, that marketing worked didn’t it! Food for thought.

Influence those around you positively.

Give as much support to the people you are frequently with as you can. Never try and change them – just support them and their awesomely crazy ideas. Encourage them to take action and help them do it when you can.

Encourage others to share their unique perspective.

If there is one thing a person building their own belief system loves it’s other people’s unique point of view. Just listen to people, you may learn something to test and add to your own set of beliefs. After all, you aren’t born with your beliefs 🙂 Just filter through the junk people spew at you and you’ll be good.

Embrace craziness, but don’t let it rub off on you.

We live in a crazy world with all sorts of unique people. People with addiction, mental problems, anger problems, etc. Not very long ago I would just be disturbed when I heard someone talking about this because my belief system shuts it down and even gets angry. Now, I learned to embrace it and it makes things much easier. We are all a little crazy. While you may not be addicted to cocaine, your probably addicted to something just as bad for you (like sugar). Do not go out of your way to hang around these type of people, but don’t be so offended either.

Examples of looking to others to tell your your beliefs:

  • You really like a girl (or guy) but your worried your friends think she’s (he’s) not attractive enough, so you end up being a half ass piece of shit because your in your head.
  • You want to start a company but your parents tell you to go to college, so you do and you get into debt while wasting years of your life drinking.
  • You attend college for what you love and achieve great grades but you end up at a job that has nothing to do what you spent so much time studying.
  • You read numerous health books but you still get plastered and go to McDonalds even though you know the food is horrible for you.
  • You want to be better socially but instead you spend your whole day looking at your facebook news-feed instead of going out and making it happen.

You want to take a risk and live the life you’ve always wanted, but you never do so you end up dying an unfulfilled life and leaving no influence to the people around you.