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Take Action or Fuck Off – Why Your “Ideas” Don’t Mean Anything

Take Action or Fuck Off – Why Your “Ideas” Don’t Mean Anything

This will be short and sweet.

I get a natural high when other people around me succeed and take action (except my competition). This is primarily why I am writing this post…for you.

Every day people tell me ideas. Some of them are about business and some of them are personal (about women, relationships, etc). I love hearing what direction people are going in. That’s what I love.

What I hate is when people aren’t taking any action to get there. If you never take any action you will never get any feedback AND if you don’t get any feedback you will never learn which direction is correct. You need to be willing to fall flat on your face and put your ideas on the line. You need to be like the caveman running into the tree over and over again to get an apple down only to find out that your cave buddy can lift you up to get one. No joke.

It’s important to take action, get rejected and feel depressed so you can come back to center. You need that feedback. Without that feedback you will be dependent on someone else taking action for you (your boss, professor, etc). You need to be a Ninja, be smart and take massive action to KILL IT!

What About Reading?

Reading books will not help you unless you are taking the information and crunching it into actions to get results. I read the [easyazon_link identifier=”0982207786″ locale=”US” tag=”paser-20″]Primal Blueprint[/easyazon_link] last year but I would have never lost 30 pounds if I hadn’t completely changed my eating habits.

“You Are Your Own Driving Engine and You Are Your Own Break”

Your ideas alone are worthless. Take Action or Fuck Off.