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A Business is a Beautiful Thing

A Business is a Beautiful Thing

It’s amazing how much we take things for granted as business owners, c-level’s, employees and consumers.

Me in mid 2010, crossing off a monthly goal that we have now nearly tripled.

Not too long ago in 2008, the TV was telling me the economy was in shambles and my best friend Derrick worked for GM, which was doing some heavy laying off because of their situation. I was worried for my friend at the time but thankfully his job wasn’t effected or disrupted. During this “horrible economic time” I was embarking on a business adventure and moving to from a small town in Michigan to Las Vegas. I didn’t see failure as an option and you might very well say that me and my business partner were delusional. But, being delusional paid off because A Business is a Beautiful Thing.

Consider the circle of events: A business starts. Hires employees. Offers value with goods and services. Accumulates customers and capital. Pays employees so they can use other businesses goods and services. 

I think we often forget about that last part. Let’s just say (without getting into politics) that GM would have went completely under – I’m not talking about bankruptcy under, I’m talking about vanished. Poof. Consider how the surrounding restaurant and bar business would completely cripple around each plant. It would be devastating, but it is the natural course of events for businesses that fall behind.

A Healthy Business Opens the Door for New Businesses

Google Search. Apple’s App Store. Let’s focus on these two.

Google search allows you to put your website in front of millions of users relatively inexpensively using a product they have called AdWords. You can also work at the free version of this which is called Search Engine Optimization. These tools and skill sets allow you to put up a website that offers value and get widely recognized faster than you could ever do otherwise. Google’s business creates a place for your business to prosper – it’s win/win if you have a good skill set.

Like Google, Apple allows you to create an Application for the iPhone, iPad and I believe Mac now if i’m not mistaken. You can sell this App and take 70% off the profit. Not bad. If you can provide value through this App you might just find yourself in a different life situation 🙂

These two companies along with many others create an ecosystem that let other businesses and individuals thrive. It’s a beautiful thing if you really look at it.

Have you came across any business that help you or others succeed by providing tools and services to get your name out?

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