Recently one of my friends, Kevin Small, sent me a copy of “The Benevolent Dictator” by Michael Feuer. I’ll be honest, before popping this book open I had no idea who Feuer was. Well, back in 1988 he founded a little store we’ve all been to: OfficeMax.
In this book he writes about key things entrepreneurs must deal with when launching a start up. Everything from finding initial investors to managing people can be found in this book. I wish I would have read this as I started my business 3 years ago because…

There is a lot of wisdom in this book.

This book is really a series of 40+ short stories that have very important lessons for entrepreneurs. If you have ever wanted to tap into a CEO’s mind, this book is literally the next best thing. Michael breaks the book up into 4 phases:
  • Start Up 
  • Build Out and Put the Idea to the Test
  • Constant Reinvention
  • The Payday 
Fifteen years after Michael founded OfficeMax he sold it for 1.5 Billion dollars. So before you say OfficeMax sounds boring or you don’t wan’t to read a traditional business book I encourage you to run the numbers!
While everyone’s business situation is different, I’m certain everyone can learn from The Benevolent Dictator.
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