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Study Your Trends: A Master Course on Yourself

Study Your Trends: A Master Course on Yourself

Many of us feel like we are too busy to get altitude on our situation in life. But our current situation is not that interesting. Sure, it may hurt or feel amazing RIGHT NOW, depending on what is exactly is going on, but it is far from all that matters. What really matters is how we got here and whether these habits we used to get here are good or bad for us.

Everyday people look at the trends of financial markets around the world. This data tells us important information. We use it to make important decisions.

What if we took the same approach to our own life?

What direction are you trending and why?

Knowing yourself and understanding your tendencies is so important to your growth. People numb this out or jokingly brush off that they are “always this way” or that is “just who I am.”

It is no wonder why most of us never get ahead in life or find ourselves in the same situations, with the same abusive people, in the same locations. Worst of all, it’s never been easier to distract yourself from your own bullshit. This is also why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It is a mindset, habits and vigorously studying your own trends.

Some of the most important trends you can look at in your life are your relationships, health, personal finance and happiness.

Ask Yourself the Hard Questions

This is so important whether you are absolutely crushing it in life or in a horrible spot. You must challenge your way of thinking and view yourself in an honest manner. Record what is working and what is not. Then you can make an action list to change.

One of the most powerful exercises I’ve done is Dr. Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring. It will likely take you over a month, but it asks you those powerful questions about the past, present and future.

So, instead of numbing yourself out and looking for the next dopamine hit, create your own master course on yourself to become a better human.

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