Never settle for mediocrity, keep pushing yourself beyond your means. Keeps learning and growing. Do it for yourself and your family. Never let up. Don’t get an ego about it. Learn to love the process and respect greatness. Do not put up with people who don’t want to grow and let the fall by the wayside. Know deep down what it takes to succeed is constant improvement. If you forget this and get lazy you will fail. Your life will be meaningless.

At the end of your life you can either look back and be thankful or feel sorry that you wasted your life. Don’t fucking waste your life.
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It would be great if you could travel anywhere in the world cheap without worrying about it much. You know, just know someone that lives in Australia to crash on their couch for the weekend. It would also be great if it was easy to rent out properties (and couches) you own to gain extra income. Hmm, that was the attitude in the early 90’s. Now, we have the internet, and more specifically we have Airbnb. What is Airbnb? See the video below to be amazed. Also, checkout for great bag recommendations for your next trip.


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puerto rico

In about 11 days I’ll be Puerto Rico bound with my best bud Derrick. Things I might do while I am out there? Oh besides being occupied by some of the most beautiful women on earth, I’ll probably be doing a fair share adventure – checking out the rain forest, touring the Bacardi Rum HQ, visiting Old San Juan (which you can see the tip of in the picture above), maybe a little snorkeling and some deep sea fishing.


Awesome graphic. All i can say is if your going to see Inception, see it on an IMAX screen.



I’m heading to Salt Lake City, Utah for a merchant retreat. The City of Saints! I’m at McCarren airport enjoying this free Wifi, which every airport should have. One of our hosting companies, StoresOnline, was nice enough to pay for the trip. Over the next few days I hope to get some pictures to post on here of my time in Salt Lake City. It’s suppose to rain, but it’s mostly a business trip anyway, so I can’t complain.

In other news I started reading my advanced copy of Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh (CEO of The book is great so far and I’ll be posting a full review within the next few weeks.

Talk to you soon!

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A few weeks ago, January 27th to be exact, I realized that I was going to miss my best friends 21st  birthday. Having been friends since we were 3 i couldn’t let 2,000 miles get in the way. Within a few minutes I had a flight booked for the weekend. Anyhow this post is to say – don’t let your busy work schedule get in the way of what matters most. Here’s a little video I made of our Segano’s experience (Segano’s is an amazing Japanese Steakhouse)…

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