I am a huge fan of Google and own online businesses that have been helped greatly by Google over the years. This post is only focused on the integration of Google+ within the search results and why I believe it is the wrong direction. Even though I believe it’s the wrong direction I am already actively integrating Google+ into all of my marketing and I recommend you do the same. I have already seen a boost… This post is mostly from a users perspective, not a SEO’s.


There is a key principle in the marketing world: Where the people are, the marketers go. If the people aren’t there than there’s no point to advertise anything. There’s nothing in it for businesses.

On a highway with cars, you’ll see billboards. Where people are searching things online, you’ll see ads. When people are flying, you’ll see magazine or cabin advertisements. When kids eat at McDonald’s, you’ll see toys for movies coming out. When people are watching TV shows, you’ll see commercials. When people are on facebook, you’ll see business fan pages and ads.

Active. Active. Active. – Where people are active, businesses will work their marketing in.

Google+ doesn’t understand this. The slogan for their social network should be: Where the marketers are, the people go. Only that isn’t the way the world works. As a business, you don’t put billboards up and not have a road where people are actively driving. Or partner with a restaurant that hardly get’s any foot traffic.


Google+ is trying to merge a search engine where people search the most personal things and a social network that is kind of, well, lame. Google’s goal isn’t to make the world a more open and connected place like facebook, it’s to generate more personal search results. Well, guess what?

It doesn’t fucking work. At All.

Sorry for the language kids, but let’s be honest. If people aren’t active on Google+ (which they aren’t) than why force businesses to work this into their marketing strategies. It’s backwards. Completely fucking backwards.

First, you need to have a great product or place with active users AND THAN integrate it into the search engines. Google+ did it backwards. They jumped the gun by launching Google Search Plus Your World without even knowing if Google+ would succeed.

That said, I don’t think Google+ is going anywhere. However, I do think if the social network doesn’t succeed Google will lose a lot of their staple on the consumers who use their search engine. Another start up company / search engine will arise in the next 2-4 years and take Google’s cake if Google+ doesn’t catch on. They have integrated Google+ into their whole product, it’s a huge gamble.

I hate the social networks name too, by the way.

(all pictures in this post taken with an iPhone 4)

My family got me a nice 12 megapixel Canon PowerShot camera before I got my iPhone 4 this passed summer. The Cannon camera is awesome and I still use it for when I go on vacation. I will say this though, since I’ve got my iPhone 4, which has flash built into it, I’ve been using the cannon less and less.

The iPhone is just convenient for me.

Casa Bacardi

Casa Bacardi

I like to carry hardly anything when I go out, I don’t even like having my keys let alone another camera in my pocket. So, I’ve been using my iPhone 4 as my camera for a little while because of the convenience.

Two Modes

There are two modes when you open up the camera app on the iPhone. You can either choose to take a photo or a video. The photos are fairly high quality. I thought it was just the screen in the beginning but when I uploaded them to my PC, I’ve noticed something: my 5 MP iphone camera puts up a hell of a fight against my 12 MP Canon.

Downtown San Juan

Downtown San Juan

The video on the iPhone is not quite as good, even though it will probably work for what you need it to. If you are out and something is happening and you want to shoot some spontaneous video, it will work fine. But if you are trying to shoot a mini film or even something of decent quality for a home movie, go with a higher quality video camera. In my case the Canon works fine, you might be even more worried about quality than me.

Editing On the Go

The cool thing about the iPhone is the ability to download an editing app and put something decent together in a few minutes. I had my iPhone on airplane mode on the flight back from Puerto Rico and was messing around with some video I shot while there. The program I used was iMovie, which is pretty much all you need to throw something together and upload it to Facebook or YouTube.

Rain Forest Picture

Rain Forest Picture

This can be highly useful if you are just trying to share a quick event that happened – such as a baby taking its first steps or an amazing motorcycle jump which you know someone in your family would love to see.


Not only is there a big market for apps with the iPhone, but there seems to be for accessories as well. I have a pair of touch screen gloves and a thin incase iPhone case. That’s just me. I only use my hands to take pictures. Of course, other people, they do it big.

There are cases you can buy with a stronger zoom lens built in and that are made to get certain angles. This is too much for me, but you can find multiple accessories with a single Google search.

Waterfall in the Rain Forest

Waterfall in the Rain Forest

Will Phones Replace Standard Cameras?

I think so, at least for average users like myself. If one is a professional photographer, they aren’t going to be contempt with the kind of quality the masses are. This is understandable.


A few days ago my brother told me about the Team Viewer App for the iPhone. Not familiar with Team Viewer? It’s basically remote desktop with better features (a lot better features). The fact that you can access and manipulate files from your iPhone is ridiculous. They haven’t came out with an Android app yet, but i’m sure there will be.

As I sit here at the Las Vegas airport I can log  into my desktop (for free). Oh, i didn’t mention this app was free. My bad. With access to a keyboard and mouse (as seen in the screen shot above), you can pretty much do anything you would be able to do on a normal computer. The performance on WiFi is excellent. I would not recommend using this App on 3G, it lags.

Check it out

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